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We aim to provide quality education with a fine blend of character building and moral values to the future hopes of Pakistan.

We provide modern education to less privileged members of society at an affordable cost through highly qualified and trained staff.

May Allah Almighty help us to achieve our mission.


Chiniot Islamia School and College aims to emerge as a comprehensive, dedicated to excellence and committed to Islamic cum International educational perspective. We aim to provide high quality education in an environment suitable to any child in community.

President’s Message

Islam is the only religion that pursues humans to seek knowledge. Cast, Creed, Complexion and Nativity can not be counted towards one’s credits unless he bears knowledge and piety. An educated, knowledgeable and practical individual is far better than the one who possesses merely the wealth.

It’s a matter of pleasure and honor for me to have long association with the Chiniot Educational Society and Chiniot Islamia School & College.

Chiniot Islamia School & College is not just a school; it is actually a flagship of a movement that has multi-dimensional purpose. So, thanks to the Almighty Allah, the Chiniot Educational Society has made concerted efforts to achieve the goals with the all out assistance of Chiniot Community. We aim at extending it to Girls Degree College very soon and ultimately to a University.

We endeavor to enhance the standards of Chiniot Islamia School & College to be among the best Alma-master of the city. I pray to the Almighty Allah to shower-blessing upon all of us in our efforts for achieving the destiny envisioned by our ancestors.

May Almighty Allah bless the faculty, students and the parents with the generous bounties.

Muhammad Iqbal


Chiniot Educational Society, Faisalabad

Secretary General’s Message

For ages, the foremost priority of humans had been the Bread and Butter, Health and Security being the next. Nobody ever imagined that Education shall become that highest priority and preference. Now that it has happened, the Education has really become the first priority.

Hazrat Muhammad (saw) said, “The best among you is the one from whom others are benefited”.

This has been the main theme behind the establishment of Chiniot Educational Society. Chiniot Islamia School & College has been set up to serve the nation by providing quality education to the less or moderately privileged members of the society at an affordable cost irrespective of Cast, Creed, Ethnic pr Political affiliations.

By the grace of Allah, the school started functioning from the academic session 2001 under the supervision of highly qualified. Well trained, self motivated and morally groomed staff.

The school has set an excellent track record in secondary school examinations. High achievements of our students are certainly attributed to the hard work of faculty, cooperation of parents and of course the blessings of Allah.

I pray to Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful, to bestow countless blessings on philanthropists of Chiniot Community, the staff and the students of Chiniot Islamia School & College

Shafiq Ahmad

Secretary General

Chiniot Educational Society, Faisalabad

Principal’s Message

Chiniot Community is working for the prosperity of Pakistani society especially in the fields of Education and Health. So, the philanthropists of the Chiniot Community established the Chiniot Educational Society in 1998.

Chiniot Islamia School, Faisalabad is being run under the control of Chiniot Educational Society. This institution is based on the principles of Islamic teaching blended with modern concepts to meet the requirements of a healthy society.

By the blessings of Allah, the school & College that started with a very small number of students initially is now surprising 980 pupils from Nursery to Inter-classes.

Chiniot Islamia School was initially based on Urdu Medium of Instructions but now a well balanced English Medium of Instructions has been incorporated.

Our students have exhibited excellent performance in Secondary Board Examinations; rising beyond 95% marks during the past seven years. That speaks of untiring efforts by students and selfless devotion of the members of faculty towards the goals of Chiniot Educational Society. We at SISC are committed to our Mission Statement.

Internal assessment results are always promising and extra ordinarily good.

Apart from Academia’ the students are provided with scholarship exposure to co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities to enlighten their minds and souls.

May Allah bless all of us in our concerned efforts to achieve our mission of imparting quality education and shaping the character of next generation.

Mrs. Naila Iftikhar


Chiniot Islamia School & College

About School

Chiniot Islamia School Faisalabad has been set up by the Chiniot Educational Society (A Welfare organization established by the philanthropists of Chiniot Sheikh Beradry) to serve the nation and provide quality education at a very low cost to the masses irrespective of caste & creed or political/ethnic affiliation. By the grace of Allah the school started function from the academic session 2001-2001 under the supervision of highly qualified staff (M.A/M.Sc/B.Ed). The school has begun its work with the noble objective of welfare of general public on “no profit no loss” basis. Now, By the grace of Allah Almighty Chiniot Islamia School & College has two campuses as Girls Campus (Faisal Town), Boys Campus (80 Muraba) it started function from March 2017.

Chiniot Islamia School & College is purely a service oriented venture and is being run on “Not for profit basis”. We pledge to achieve excellence in education. The cherished goal of this institution is to earn honor and distinction by maintaining standards in curricular activities of SSC/HSC Boards as well as in extra and co-curricular activities