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  • Q : What is the background of the school?
  • A : Chiniot Islamia School and College (CISC), is a non-profit making organization, working under the supervision of Chiniot Educational Society (CES). CES aims to provide quality education with the fine blend of character building and high moral values to the less privileged members of the society at an affordable cost.

  • Q : How can visitor meet the Principal?
  • A : Visitors are welcomed in school in a procedural way. They must prove their identity at the gate to get visitor card. Now you are welcome in admin. office before Customer Relationship Officer (CRO). CRO will listen to you carefully and will try to solve your problem, in either case CRO will send you before the Principal.

  • Q : Can I make a telephone call to Principal?
  • A : Yes, you are always welcome to make a call to Principal in school hours at school telephone number. Tell the purpose of your call to CRO and then your call will be diverted to Principal.

  • Q : How can Parents or guardians meet the class/subject teacher?
  • A : Direct meeting with the class/subject teacher is not allowed. They can meet the class/subject teacher at parent-teacher meeting (PTM). In other days, they can meet the section heads. Visitor can take appointment from the office.

  • Q : What is the leave policy for the students?
  • A : For one or two days leave, submit the written application signed by the parents to class teacher. In either case absent will be mark on the attendance register.

    For medical leave of more than a week, attach the medical certificate with application form.

    If there is an emergency during the working hour of the school, then come in office and tell the proper reason of the school. Parents can take their children home after the approval of authority.

  • Q : What is the fee concession policy?
  • A : There is no general concession for the students. If there is more than two real brother and sisters, then the 3rd and 4th one will pay the half tuition fee.

    Deserved students can submit the "zakat" form at the time of admission or the beginning of the session.

  • Q : How can your children get the scholarship?
  • A : Scholarship is awarded for the whole year to the students who get the overall first position from whole class.

    Mian Muhammad Bashir scholarship is awarded to boys and Begum Hamida Bashir scholarship is awarded to girls.

  • Q : To whom the Gold Medal is awarded?
  • A : Mian Muhammad Ismail gold medal is awarded to boys and Begum Akhtar un Nisa scholarship is awarded to girls on taking the position in 10th class form the result of BISE Faisalabad.

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